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  • Anti Age Serum Botox Effect (40ml)

Anti Age Serum Botox Effect (40ml)

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Rated in the top 5 Skincare Products by Xpose


A unique product enriched with pure essential rose oil and an innovative bio-complex containing ARGILERINE® a patented formula with a pronounced botox effect.Blocks the contraction of facial muscles,thus preventing the formation of mimic wrinkles.Smoothes wrinkles,regenerates and promotes in-depth relaxation of the muscle fibres.Stimulates cell renewal,providing a long-lasting lifting effect.Stimulates collagen and elastin production and promotes progressive restoration of the skin with a long lasting rejuvenating effect.Regenerates and reinforces tissues, provides protection against external aggressions. Dramatic improvements in skin texture and appearance leading to a more radiant and younger looking appearance .


Suitable for all skin types

::Clinically Tested

 Natural Active Ingredients - Paraben free - Without synthetic colours -

Without ingredients of animal origin - Without petroleum-based products .

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